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  • StockMap Free has the same functionality as StockMap except it lmits number of stocks to 3 and displays ads. New in version 4.0: News Headlines Page, bug fixing. Powerful and simple to use! #1 WP7 stock tracking app as reviewed by Stockmap displays the heatmap of your portfolio on the Live Tile and supports the widest variety of securities including stocks, mutual funds and indices, currency rates, currency conversion, news headlines for portfolio securities, both daily and long term tracking and comparative charting. StockMap provides an alternative way to view your securities portfolio by displaying them as heatmap. Each block represents total value of the security based on its share price and number of shares. Color of each block is a varying intensity of green or red depending on how the price of the security has changed since the start of the last market session. Market data update interval is configurable. We put extra effort into supporting international markets. StockMap formats the numbers based on your location, shows currency conversion table and allows displaying your securities in your currency of choice. Stock Chart page displays comparative performance of your securities over time. You can view live tile push log for your device by clicking on "View Tile Push Log" from the Settings page. Any question/issue/suggestion sent to support email will be answered the same day, and in most cases within couple of hours. Reviews:
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