Freegym guide

With over 25 great exercises (Including Abdominal exercises) get the best full body exercise guide on windows phone ! And its Free! And with 5 separate body parts with dedicated exercise guides for each this is a great full body exercise guide... more

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This application tells you how to stay fit on the basis of your gender and weight. It is a must download for fitness freaks. more

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FreeFitness Xpert

This application tells you what you must do to stay fit according to your weight and gender. more

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By using this application,you can improve and also maintain your beauty naturally. more

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Calculate your BMI Pro

Ever wondered if you have the proper weight in accordance to your height ? Well, we are here to help ! This app lets you know if your weight is normal for your height, or if you are underwight or overweight ! Supports English units as well as... more

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Calculates a person's body mass index in two measurable units(metric and standard). The calculation is based on standard formulae using height and weight of a person. And a person can use it in day to day life. more

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body build

Improve your health and have that toned, ripped muscles you've always wanted! This body build app will help you gain muscles faster and keep your body in good form. With tutorials and tips from the experts and celebrities you'll get the... more

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This application allows you to find your body mass index. You can input the values of your height and weight in a format that is suitable to you. To be more specific, you can give your height in centimeters or inches and your weight in kilograms... more

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Bike logger is a simple app that works great! Add an entry of how long and how far you biked for and you're done! It automatically keeps track of all your entries and shows you stats which can be reset at anytime more

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This is the app for all fitness freaks,who wants to be fit all the time. this app is based on BMI rule which calculate the obesity and fat factor in the human body . more

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