• Simple public and private chat for WP7. You need data connection to use this application. You need to be minimum 13 years old to use this chat service. **** RULES **** Ignorance of the rules does not make you immune from them You need to be at least 13 years old to use this chat! You are not allowed to post multiple lines in quick succesion. Unasked advertising is not allowed. You are not allowed to do anything public which could sound like cybersex. You have to use conversation like to a faithfull real person. Perhaps you have paid for your client application. But that means not that you have paid the chat service. You have not paid for the chat service. This applicatin is using the chat service. This service is allowed to delete the history and chat content any time without asking you before. Also if the service is offline you have no mor access to the content. If service is down please try again later. We can not guarantee for the chat service. If you are not respectfull or the chat-service team think you do not following the rules, the service team is allowed to block your service without any note.
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