Action et aventure



The Chicken moves very fast, you must tap on him, score will raise. You must have very quick hands and quick eyes . Try to get best score . Funny!!! more

By Tuan



There is a small fish which swims in the dangerous sea which has a lot op traps,to survive, he must avoids another big dangerous fish, find foods and avoids item make he slow . more

By Tuan


FreeRescue Ball

There are two balls : Red and Green Ball ,they are brothers, they are separated by magic gate. You have to control two balls so that they touch the magic gatel at the same time . more

By Tuan



Defend the city against the bad guys. Play this interesting game, and defeat the bad guys through different levels to achieve best score. more

By eMobile Software



A circle appears and disappears. When it appears, we have to catch it by moves faster and faster with every appearance.You play game within 90 seconds, try to get the highest score. more

By Tuan


Pirate's Plunder

*Update 1.3 description below* Become a pirate captain in search of the Pirate's Plunder - a legendary box containing the location of the final resting place of the famed pirate known as The Howl Of The Wolf! Engage your enemies in classic path... more

By GlowPuff



A breathtaking action game - THE TRAIN DEFENDER is here for you. Terrorists hijacked three trains- ARIZONA EXPRESS, ALASKA EXPRESS and NEW YORK EXPRESS!! Go…have a fight over the train to save the passengers, threatened from brutal dacoits.... more

By Arch Mobile Solutions Private Limited



Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth. Your claw will swing back and force. Press on screen to lower it. ? Earn enough points to obtain items such as dynamite, magic water and a strength power-up magic leave to... more

By eMobile Software


Slippy Slopes

Slippy Slopes is here! You have to control the character only by pressing the screen. Try to get as far as possible and you may find new beatiful worlds. Use the power of the good pickups but avoid the bad ones. Remember to keep yourself in the... more

By Finsite Games


FreeTower War

Developed by Ibrahim Al-Alali It time to save your country, and defened it against the overpowered enemy more

By Yalla Apps