FreeAlien Hunter2 Demo

This demo the second part of my Alien Hunter game. The controll and the game engine totally changed. Free 360 degree movement, dual-stick controll, faster action, etc. In the first release only 3 level available. More detail and know failures on... more

By GaborGyeneiGames


FreeIcy Bouncy

Icy Bouncy is a vivacious game released for Windows Phone 7. The concept of the game is to make Snowman reach his destination. You have to make the snow man overcome the hurdles like snow blocks to make way towards his home by just tilting,... more

By Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd



Nerd kill is a simple 2D stress-relieving game that involves targeting little nerds that scamper across the screen. This game was ported from the original game for the windows phone. more

By Arm Software 1957



The aim of this fast-paced and addictive cowboy style shooting game is to shoot down all the bad cowboys who disturb your quiet american town. Click the gun barrels to reload. more

By eMobile Software



SkyShadow is a fun side scrolling shooter. Equipped with rapid firing machine gun, a three rocket attack, and heavy hitting gauss cannon. -Three missions types, ranging from collecting static clouds, destroying enemy cargo ships, and killing off... more

By MonologyStudio


Blasted Birds

Destroy birds with unfathomable explosions for maximum style! So much physics, your head may explode. This ain't your older brother's duck hunt. more

By Bat Trap Games


FreeBalloon Gunner Free

Balloon Gunner is a 3D Flight Sim game getting you straight into the action flying your balloon through 40 islands against enemy airships, gun turrets, missile launchers, ships, planes and many many more! Tilt your phone to control your balloon... more

By Matthew Milton



Year 200X. Our protagonist, The Farmer, has said in national television that technology is overrated. Enraged by this insulting statement, a hacker group called Assembly has taken control of all the super robots of the world, in a pursuit to... more

By Kajak Games


Paper Tanks

Paper Tanks is a turn based tank combat similar to the classic Pocket Tanks.Players choose the angle and power of the rocket targeting to strike the opponents.The player who scores 5 points first wins. For now this is a two player game but... more

By Gautham



Developed by Muhammad Umer The game is a multi touch shooting game for “Windows Phone 7”, where player has to shoot Frisbee’s as fast as he/she can before the bullets run out, and player earns 10 points at each successful shot at Frisbees.... more

By Yalla Apps