Applications Windows Phone 7 de Adam Nathan


Where Did I Park?

Can't remember where you parked? This app eliminates that concern by remembering for you. And it does something very handy: In addition to using your current location for initial car placement, it enables you to DRAG the car marker on the map in... plus

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Animation Lab

This is an app for Silverlight developers. It demonstrates how the various Silverlight animations and transforms work. Experiment with different settings and learn from the results. This app is Chapter 19 from Adam Nathan's "101 Windows Phone 7... plus

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Group Emailer

Quickly send email to groups of contacts! Group Emailer enables you to define groups of contacts that you can use to quickly compose emails with a pre-filled recipients list. The app also makes it easy to send a message to multiple groups... plus

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Music Treemap

Visualize and navigate your music library like never before! Slice up your music in 11 different ways using the interesting "treemap" visualization and two levels of categorization. * Examine the relative breakdown of your artists, albums,... plus

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Baby Name Eliminator

The ultimate app for Type A personalities who are about to have a baby! Rather than trying to brainstorm about the perfect name and worrying that you're missing it, this app enables you to use the PROCESS OF ELIMINATION to name your baby! The name... plus

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BUILD YOUR OWN LEVELS & SUBMIT THEM FOR FUTURE VERSIONS! YOUR XBOX LIVE AVATAR CAN BE THE STAR OF THIS GAME! Easy to learn, but hard to master! Fly your way through 12 unlockable levels by tilting your phone and tapping the screen. Avoid a... plus

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Rock's Revenge

BUILD YOUR OWN LEVELS & SUBMIT THEM FOR FUTURE VERSIONS! Version 1.1 contains performance improvements. If you experience problems, please email us from the "about" page and tell us which phone you're using. Thanks! Rock is tired. Tired of the... plus

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Hairdo for You

Get a glimpse of what you might look like with a different hairstyle and/or hair color. You can take a picture of yourself with your phone's camera, select one of nine hairstyles, customize the hair color, and then manipulate your new hair with a... plus

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Paint with your fingers, with several powerful options! • Paint on top of any color canvas or a photo from your pictures library • "Stroke straightening" can help you create more precise artwork, either by straightening your diagonal lines or... plus

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Reminiscent of a real trombone, play this musical instrument app by blowing and sliding! Blow to produce a sound and stop blowing to stop the sound. Move the slide up and down to change your pitch. Tilt your phone upward to play in the high... plus

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Weight Tracker

Track and celebrate your weight-loss progress with this fast, flexible, and motivational app! • Supports any number of weight-loss goals over time • View your progress in three forms: list, graph, and dashboard (with pie charts and summary... plus

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Turn any picture into a challenging 30-piece jigsaw puzzle! Or pick from one of the fun pictures included. • Pieces snap into place as you drag them • Manage unused pieces in a scrolling tray at the bottom • Use the animated auto-solve if... plus

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Hooked on Darts

You wanted more game modes? You got 'em! Don't miss out on this addictive, fast, and slick game of darts! Now with two game modes in addition to Classic: • In Breakaway, dartboard pieces fall off as you hit them! Although this can create dead... plus

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Spin the Bottle!

Spin the Bottle! enables you to play the classing kissing game even if you don't have a bottle handy. In this game, people sit in a circle and take turns spinning the bottle. When someone spins, they must kiss whomever the bottle ends up pointing... plus

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Musical Robot

A quirky musical instrument app that can play two-octaves-worth of robotic sounds based on where you place your fingers. Touching toward the left produces lower notes, and touching toward the right produces higher notes. You can slide your fingers... plus

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Deep Zoom Viewer

Enables viewing and interacting with any Deep Zoom image right on your Windows phone! You can enter a URL that points to any Deep Zoom image (or image collection), or you can browse any of the seven interesting samples that are already... plus

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Local FM Radio

Provides a unique and direct interface to your phone's built-in FM radio tuner. • Enables you to directly type the frequency of your desired station! • Shows your current signal strength! Learn how to build this app and many more with Adam... plus

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Baby Milestones

Keep track of milestones in your baby's development and compare their progress to the progress of typical babies. This app shows you monthly skills that most babies can accomplish, from the age of 1 month to 24 months. • Record the date that... plus

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Passwords & Secrets

A feature-filled notepad app that is protected with a master password. Your data is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to keep prying eyes out! This is a great app for storing a variety of passwords and other... plus

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Balance Test

Test your hand's coordination and ability to hold your phone still in this fun little 2D-accelerometer-based game. Keep track of your performance and watch it improve! Learn how to build this app and many more with Adam Nathan's "101 Windows... plus

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Metro Web Browser

A more powerful & extremely-customizable full-screen web browser. Gives you 24% more screen real estate than Internet Explorer (in the portrait orientation)! Leverages the phone's fast, native browsing engine but with lots of additional features &... plus

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Estimates the number of steps you take while the app is running in your pocket. Converts the result to miles and kilometers based on your stride length. Supports playing diagnostic sounds to make it easy to calibrate the app. Adjusts to your... plus

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Alarm Clock

Turn your phone into a stylish, retro, customizable alarm clock! • Choose any foreground/background colors with slick color pickers • Lock the clock orientation to portrait or landscape so you can easily read the time while lying down in... plus

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Why choose this app to be your level? • Its center line display makes it even easier to line things up just right • Its bubbles and other graphics adjust to your theme • It has a slick metallic theme with Metro-styled accents • It's easy... plus

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Moo Can

Remember those cans that moo when you turn them upside-down? Moo Can brings them back to life in digital form! • Choose between a cow that goes moo, a sheep that goes baa, and a cat that goes meow • Watch gravity affect the animal as you turn... plus

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Noise Maker

Be prepared at your favorite sporting event. Rest your voice, and give your arm a workout! Shake your phone to produce a loud, annoying noise! Use it to help cheer on your team or distract the opposition. • Choose between three different noise... plus

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Vibration Composer

A cross between a musical instrument and a handheld massager, Vibration Composer provides an interesting way to create your own custom vibrating patterns. • Create a solid vibration to use this app like a massager app • Set the phone on a... plus

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Coin Toss

Need to make a heads-or-tails decision? Make an upward tossing motion with the phone in your hand, and watch the coin of your choice flip to give you an answer. • Choose between a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter • See a fun visual history of... plus

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Reflex Test

How quick are your reflexes? This fun app will put you to the test with signature Windows Phone 7 style and animations. Keep track of your best and average performances as you try to improve over time. Learn how to build this app and many more... plus

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"I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!" Play the cowbell just like Will Ferrell from the famous Saturday Night Live skit. Tap the screen to make cowbell sounds. Play any song(s) then switch to this app to play along! To... plus

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Manage your tasks in a fast, easy, and attractive way. Mark them with colored stars and/or detailed descriptions. Filter them in multiple ways, such as seeing overdue tasks, tasks due today, or tasks with stars. See what you've accomplished, with... plus

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XAML Editor

A text editor for XAML. At first, it looks like nothing more than a page with a text box, but it is much more for a number of reasons: - It renders the XAML you type as live objects (including any interactivity) - It provides XAML-specific... plus

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Subservient Cat

Your very own virtual pet that obeys many commands. The trick: you have to figure out what commands the cat will respond to! How many things can you make your cat do? Type various guesses and see what works. Get quick access to your... plus

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Pinned Searches

Do you "bing yourself" often? Save time by pinning any searches inside this app, then pinning this app to Start! Supports any number of custom searches in a slick interface that mimics Start. It's like having a second Start page, but dedicated to... plus

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Lottery Numbers Picker

Lottery Numbers Picker helps you choose potentially-winning numbers to use when you buy a lottery ticket. First, you can tell it how many numbers it needs to select, what the range of the numbers should be, and whether duplicate numbers are... plus

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Love Meter

If you can't decide whether to start or continue a relationship with someone, Love Meter tells you how much chemistry you and your potential mate have. All you need to do is to convince the other person to hold their finger on your phone's screen... plus

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Department Store

A fast, flexible shopping list app with custom department-by-department lists. Name & arrange as many departments as you want to match the layout of your favorite store! Watch items animate in and out of your lists. Add new items in bulk, or... plus

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A fast, flexible shopping list app with custom isle-by-isle lists. Name & arrange as many isles as you want to match the layout of your favorite store! Watch items animate in and out of your lists. Add new items in bulk, or leverage... plus

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Simon Says

A stylish color-pattern-matching game that is unmistakably tailored to Windows Phone 7! See how good your memory is! Share your high scores on Twitter! Try the super-hard mode where every tile is your accent color! plus

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Everything you want in a Notepad app: it's FAST, efficient, and flexible. • Customize the background/foreground colors and text size for each note • email your notes • Get quick previews of each note • Auto-save makes jotting down notes... plus

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Crayon Cannon

A fun physics game. Hit the top of the goal with a ball to advance to the next level. Try to reach the end with the fewest shots possible! plus

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A stylish 1-player game of billards, designed exclusively for Windows Phone 7. plus

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Leaning Tower of Pieces

A fun physics game. Stack the pieces as high as possible. Make sure your tower doesn't fall over! plus

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Cloud Jumper

Jump from cloud to cloud and see how high you can go! Watch out for the clouds that disappear! Version 1.1 fixes a few minor issues. plus

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In Case of Emergency

This app is meant to help save your life in the event you become a victim of a serious accident. If someone finds you in a state in which you are unable to communicate, that person might check your phone for important information about yourself.... plus

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Silly Eye

Silly Eye is often a crowd-pleaser, especially when the crowd contains children. This app displays a large cartoonish eye that animates in a funny, frantic way. Simply hold it up to your right eye and pretend it's your own silly eye! Enables... plus

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How many times have you wanted to count something and felt that your fingers and concentration alone were not enough for the task? Perhaps you've needed to count for a friend who is swimming laps or lifting weights. Perhaps you've wanted to keep... plus

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Baby Sign Language

These days, it's quite common for parents to teach their babies a limited amount of sign language before they are old enough to talk. This ability to communicate simple wishes like "eat" or "milk" at an early age can reduce their frustration and,... plus

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Pick a Card Magic Trick

Amaze your friends with this slick magic trick that's likely to keep them guessing how it's done even after multiple performances. In this trick, you ask someone in your audience to name any card while the deck of cards is shuffling. After he or... plus

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Sound Recorder

Record, edit, and manage audio clips. Adjust playback speed. Even have fun playing clips backwards! Here's a game that you can play: Record yourself saying a word or phrase, then play it backwards many times to learn what it sounds like backwards.... plus

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Talking Parrot

Good for laughs, Talking Parrot repeats what you say in his own parrot voice, with whistles and squawks thrown in. Version 1.5 fixes issues that certain phones were having with hearing the parrot. If you still experience problems, please send... plus

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Bubble Blower

Bubble Blower enables you to actually blow on the phone to make bubbles to appear on the screen. These bubbles grow from the bottom of the screen and pop when they reach the top. Learn how to build this app and many more with 101 Windows Phone 7... plus

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Mood Ring

The Mood Ring app captures the essence of a mood ring. Press your finger on the screen, and the spot you touch slowly changes color to reveal your mood. Learn how to build this app and many more with 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume 1... plus

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A ruler is something that can be really handy to have, yet something that you almost never have when you need it. With the Ruler app, you can measure anything on-the-go with the phone already in your pocket! Great for measuring short things. You... plus

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Contains an alphabetized list of over 1,100 cocktails (including fancy non-alcoholic drinks). Each one links to a recipe (and other relevant information) from Uses a quick jump grid, the alphabetized list with tiles that jump to each... plus

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This is no ordinary flashlight! The Flashlight app supports custom colors, flashing SOS in Morse code, and even a strobe light mode! This is Chapter 2 in Adam Nathan's 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume 1 ( plus

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Simple but effective, Metronome helps you practice or perform at the desired tempo. Offers a range of 25-200 beats per minute and 3 different time signatures. When you opt-in, you can make this app run while you're phone is locked, so you can hear... plus

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Tip Calculator

This stylish and effective tip calculator can be a timesaver at restaurants or other places where you need to leave a tip. It can either save you money or prevent you from looking cheap! Contains a unique number pad for quick entry. Customize tip... plus

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Fake Call

Makes your phone appear to receive an incoming call at a time you specify. You can use this as an excuse to get out of a bad date or an otherwise-unpleasant situation. Simply pretend to answer the fake call, make up some plausible story about... plus

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The Stopwatch app enables you time any event with a number of features: lap timing (including a slick lap progress display), orientation lock, and more! By popular demand, this version changes the font of the main display from Segoe WP Black to... plus

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