Applications Windows Phone 7 de Rajdhama


Life Views

This application contains things that make life beautyfull as jokes, facts and more. You can enjoy them in short time as they are in your cell. If u feel bad just open it and enjoy it. This application ia full of joy and inspiring facts that can... plus

Dans Kids & family


proH Book

This application is made to help the people who want to start learning programming. Here we provede some of the basic steps towards how to start learning programming. We also include sme basic concepts of some progamming language as OOP'S, C/C++... plus

Dans Education



This application is devlop to help the people to access the educational news feeds in very quick way. These are mostly use for technical news. plus

Dans Education


Know Your Zodiac

This application is helpfull to people to know about them. In this application by giving simple information about you , you can find realy great reasults, facts abou you and if you realy want to know abut this please try this and find more and more. plus

Dans Divertissement