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  • Introducing a free and easy to use bicycle blinker to add an extra boost of light that you and your bicycle will need to help get you to your destination safely at night! This application also comes with a integrated help feature. - If you have any suggestions/criticsms, post them in the reviews. There is a rate button included in this application to help you. FOR BEST USE: Set your lighting settings to dark and turn the screen brightness to max. - Developed by a teenager DISCLAIMERS: THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT REPLACE A CERTIFIED BICYCLE LIGHT/BLINKER. THIS APPLICATION IS ONLY A SUPPLEMENT TO ONE. IT IS NOT SUGGESTED THAT THIS APPLICATION BE USED AS YOUR PRIMARY LIGHT, ONLY AS A SUPPLEMENTARY ONE. IT IS ALSO SUGGESTED THAT YOU GET A MOBILE DEVICE BICYCLE ATTACHMENT TO SECURELY ESTABLISH YOUR DEVICE ON THE BICYCLE. THIS APPLICATION NOR THE DEVELOPERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DECISIONS, ACCIDENTS, OR DAMAGE THAT MAY OCCUR WHILE RUNNING THIS APPLICATION. ALSO NOTE THAT USING THIS APPLICATION MAY DRAIN YOUR BATTERY VERY QUICKLY. BY PURCHASING THIS APPLICATION, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS.
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