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By eMobile Software


FreeFish Fortress

Collect treasure across four underwater locations and use it to construct your Fish Fortress! Tap to make your fish swim and collect treasure from passing ships, monsters and submarines. As you gather these vast ocean riches you can upgrade your... more

By Random Salad Games LLC



Watch fireworks unfolding on your screen with one single touch. Choose different background easily with touch of a finger. more

By eMobile Software



Live snow with single touch. Adjust snow density and scenery background more

By eMobile Software


FreeHouse of Nikolaus

Trace a figure on the screen by clicking node points. Build a route that visits every part of the figure exactly once and returns to initial point. You cannot break your route and you cannot go over any part of the figure twice. more

By Sharpness.net


FreeSpark Art

Spark Art is a whole new way to doodle, brought to you by the creators of "Fireworks" and "Penguin"! Spark Art is a fun-filled app for all ages! Paint original, sparkling creations, and save or share your work. Tap or drag to draw shapes,... more

By Big Duck Games LLC



Are you ready to fight your way through the galaxy? Then, flex your fingers, sharpen your mind and swipe as fast as you can to knock out the matching Vaders. Caution! - time is running out, so take advantange of bonus timers and avoid hitting the... more

By BildZone



Cupcakes! is a fun childrens game that allows them to create, decorate and bake cupcakes. Once created they can store them in the fridge for later use or eat them on the spot! Guaranteed fun for your kids! more

By Michael Snow


FreeMake Pairs Lite

Make Pairs is a colorful and funny casual game. The goal is to make pairs by clicking on two identical icons. It is possible to join together adjacent icons and also the ones that can be connected through the empty background with paths made up of... more

By Miguel Angel Lazaro


FreeBeaver Hunt

Beaver Hunt is much like the classic arcade game Whac-A-Mole, but this time you hit beavers. As soon as a beaver shows it's face on the screen you tap it. more

By Jashar Vahid